David Spurgeon Testimonial

“Aspen and his craftsmen were able to bring their years of experience to our remodel project and create a truly unique custom home. We simply expressed our interests and preferences and let Aspen and his crew come up with creative ideas. We endorsed almost every idea that they presented and we are thrilled with the finished product.

Aspen’s ability to construct truly unique custom homes comes from being creative and then having relationships with local craftsmen who come to the job site to complete the vision. The personal relationships with the trade crews allows the job to progress smoothly, yet quickly and efficiently. For instance, sourcing Salmon River Jade from a local quarry, then having it cut and polished to our specifications.

One specific example of his creativity was Aspen’s suggestion to move the fireplace from the middle of the family room to an exterior wall. This relatively inexpensive idea gained us additional floor space, opened up the living area, improved our furniture placement and changed the entire focus of the room. This single idea is something we would have never contemplated without Aspen’s input, but something we appreciate about our remodeled home EVERY day.”

– David Spurgeon